White Sneakers on Rotation

I love white sneakers as they are both versatile and comfortable. For most of the time, a pair of white sneakers goes well with any of my clothing ensemble. Some may still think that sneakers are limited only as an active/sport footwear, but these rubber-soled shoes are stylish enough to be a daily essential – synthesizing comfort, flair and function.

I have over five pairs of white sneakers on my shoe cabinet, which I use on rotation depending on my itinerary for the day. Here is a list of five types of white sneakers I currently keep on my rack.

1. White Chucks
My go-to pair whenever I am in a hurry as it goes well with most of my outfit for the day. A pair of white chucks goes well with a plain shirt+ short pants ensemble, to even folded longsleeved shirt + trousers combo. A very versatile pair indeed.

2. White Running Shoes
They’re the most comfortable pairs I have, which I often use when I have a long day ahead, where I have to walk a lot and jump from one venue to another. I snuck at least a pair on my luggage whenever I go on a travel as well.

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Running Shoes

3. All-White Tennis Sneakers
This pair I usually step on whenever there are casual chic events where it calls to come a bit dressier than most casual days.

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4.The Trending Pair
The Chunky Sneakers are the current trend. Though this pair goes well with a sporty attire, I experimented and tried matching it up with an ankle pants and a bold red shirt ensemble. Not bad right? Teehee. And I like how the chunky pair adds an inch to my height!

5. Knitted Whites
This pair I usually put on whenever I go around the mall. Why? Because this doesn’t need lacing. I am very bad in tying my shoelaces. Plus, it’s super lightweight! A good pair for walking on even, flat surfaces. That’s why I love this pair.

Do you find white sneakers versatile too? How many pairs do you currently own? Come on and share by commenting below!

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  • Jap

    February 2, 2019 at 8:54 pm

    Good read. How do you maintain it's cleanliness? Do you have a go-to shoe cleaner shop?

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