I love Japan! It is in fact one of my personal favorite foreign travel destinations. I have been there twice, for spring and autumn, and can’t wait for my next trip this January for winter.

Japan has this eclectic mix of the old and the new, where culture and technology harmoniously blend together. Clothing and fashion trends from what I’ve noticed from my visits could either be plain and simple, or extreme and fun. So thought of putting something together that’s both simple and fun, yet not that outrageous.

Basic long sleeved Mr. Smyth sweat shirt, loose Coco Republic resort pants and an oversized Mr. Smyth kimono with white sneakers and a black fedora seemed like a legit Tokyo street style just when autumn breaks in. Finishing off the look with a stylish bag from SM Accessories.

This ensemble I wore, running some errands at SM Seaside City and was really comfy. Though I’d be positive I’d drown in my own sweat if I wore this outdoors. haha.

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