Cebu Pacific Air’s Juan for Fun 2019

On its 8th year, Juan for Fun has been fueling the next generation of Filipinos to pursue their passion and enrich their stories through traveling. Cebu Pacific believes traveling empowers the Filipino youth to discover more about the Philippines and themselves. Juan for Fun 2019 is open to nominees aged 18 to 24 years old who want to go on a 7-day all-expense paid trip around the Philippines with 2 travel buddies.

Juan for Fun 2019 is now open for nominations for everyJuan who has a story to tell and for aspiring travelers who deserve the fun and amazing one- week travel experience with Cebu Pacific. So gather a group of three – you together with 2 of your friends and family! Submit a photo of your nominees along with their amazing story on why you guys deserve to win the chance of flying with Juan for Fun 2019 on this link: . Nominations should be in by July 7, 2019.

Juan For Fun 2019 Mechanics


  1. The Cebu Pacific Juan for Fun 2019 is open to nominees:
  2. Who are aged 18-24 years old during the trip
  3. Who are Filipino citizens residing in the Philippines
  4. Who are enrolled either in senior high school, an undergraduate or postgraduate program in a school, college or university in the Philippines for the current school year OR have graduated or graduating in 2019
  5. Juan for Fun Epic Trip 2019 nominees may be nominated by family, relatives, friends, or themselves to be eligible for the free travel.
  6. Previous Juan for Fun finalists are not eligible to be nominated to give opportunities to new applicants.
  7. To nominate:
    1. The story and photo of the nominee must be submitted via Google Forms.
    1. The form must be completely filled out. It will ask for the personal details of the nominator and the nominee along with the answer to three questions:         
  8. What makes the story of your nominee amazing?
  9. Where do you think this person should travel in the Philippines and how can this change his/her life?
  10. What could be the hashtag for his/her trip?
  11. Nomination period is from June 26 to July 7, 2019, 11:59pm PHL time.
  12. Entries must not contain any explicit act of violence, sexual inappropriateness or any criminal act as mandated by Philippine Law. They should also not contain anything obscene, offensive, libellous or defamatory.
  13. Nominators and nominees attest to their eligibility and truth of their entries.
  14. Cebu Pacific Air reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity of the entries (including a nominee’s identity, age, civil status, and place of residence) and to disqualify any entry that is not in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.
  15. All nominations (including any material like photos, stories, videos submitted) become the sole property of Cebu Pacific Air. The Organizers shall have the right to use such materials in any and all media, nationwide in perpetuity with no obligation or compensation to the nominees.
  16. Nominees and their travel buddies (see Section III) agree to allow Cebu Pacific Air to collect personal information in order to conduct the promotion and may, for this purpose, disclose such information to third parties, including but not limited to agents, sponsors, service providers, and prize suppliers.
  17. By submitting an entry, nominators, nominees, and their travel buddies agree to release, discharge, and hold harmless Cebu Pacific Air, its Organizers, and Sponsors from all claims and damages arising out of his/her participation in the nomination process or the event itself, and to have his or her name, voice and likeness used at the discretion of Cebu Pacific and its Organizers as part of promotions for the event, in any and all media now known or hereafter devised.
  18. Relatives of employees (up to 2nd Degree of Consanguinity) of Cebu Pacific Air, the Organizers, title sponsors, and other partners are not eligible to be participants of the event.


  1. A panel of judges will select 5 winners. Criteria for the selection of winners are as follows:
    1. Juan for Fun Story – 60% – Compelling reason why the nominee should be the one chosen to go on an epic trip
  2. What’s the life story of your nominee that made you nominate him or her?
  3. How do you think winning a free travel experience will transform his or her life?
    1. Juan for Fun Personality – 40% – Potential to maximize free, fun adventure with friends
  4. How is the nominee like as a friend, as family, as a student?
  5. What do you think will he or she bring to Juan for Fun if ever he or she wins?
  6. The 5 winners will be announced on July 23, 2019. All announcements will be made online at or Winners will also be notified through phone call and email.
  7. Winners will get to travel with two (2) travel buddies on a one-week all-expense paid trip.


  1. The 5 winners will be part of a verification period from July 17 to July 22, 2019.
  • The 5 winners will be contacted by Cebu Pacific representatives for vouching and verification of their story. They will be interviewed along with their travel buddies. Family and friends may also be part of this process.
  • The 5 winners will record an introduction video as part of the final verification.   
  • Additional documents including birth certificates, original IDs, original copies of medical clearance, and waiver forms will be required of the winners. Failure to comply with requirements on or before the specified deadline may merit disqualification.
  • Any winner found with inconsistencies with their entry or their eligibility will be automatically disqualified and replaced with another winner.
  • In cases when one or more winners are disqualified or unable to travel for any reason, Cebu Pacific reserves the right to select a new winner based on the same criteria.


  1. Each of the winners gets to pick two (2) travel buddies to go with them on their trip. Said travel buddies must be:
  2. Aged 18-30 years old
  3. Filipino citizens residing in the Philippines
  4. Friends or family of the nominee
  • All winners and their travel companions must be in good physical condition and mental health and must be aware, and sign releases attesting, that the activities in the event may involve risks and hazards, and that participating in the event may expose them to these risks. They must accept and assume all risks, which arise in any way from their participation in this event, and will not hold Cebu Pacific, its Organizers, and Sponsors responsible.


1.         Before going on their trip, the winners and their travel buddies will join a Pre-Trip Briefing on July 31, 2019. Complete attendance of the winners and their travel buddies is a must. Inability to attend this briefing will cause disqualification for the winners and their companions.

2.         At the Briefing:         

  1. The winners and their travel companions will learn tips on how to book flights, better manage their budget, and make the most of their trip.
  2. They will be thoroughly briefed about the trip proper, right conduct, safety, and important matters.
  3. The winners and their travel buddies will be handed their official gear (e.g. travel shirts, certain gadgets; loss or damage to any of the items provided on loan only will be for the account of the teams).
  4. The winners and their travel buddies will meet their Team Marshals (please see section VII for details).

3.         The Pre-Trip Briefing venue will be disclosed to the winners upon qualification.


  1. The winners and their travel buddies will be part of a media send-off on August 1, 2019.
  • During this event, travel influencers will share inspiring tips and stories for the winners to excite them about their trip.
  • The travel influencers will also reveal and present each winner with a Juan For Fun 2019 Travel Passport of their itinerary (including destinations and activities) for the whole trip.
  • The Media Send-Off venues will be disclosed to the  winners upon qualification.


  1. The 5 winners and their travel buddies will go on their all-expenses paid trip from August 2 to 7, 2019.
  • The winners and their travel buddies will go on destinations and have meaningful experiences listed on their Juan For Fun Travel Passport that are based on the stories of the winners.
  • They have to prioritize the selected activities and experiences in the Juan For Fun Travel Passport. However, they can choose additional experiences in each destination so long as they are within these safety limits prescribed by Cebu Pacific and its organizers:
  1. No bungee jumping or canyoneering.
  • No swimming in open waters after 6:30pm.
  • No unauthorized/unsupervised interaction with wildlife.
  • No trespassing in prohibited areas.
  • No mountain-climbing without a guide.
  • No cliff-diving.
  • No reckless activities that can cause danger or harm to themselves, other companions, spectators, or property.

4.         More detailed rules and regulations for the trip will be discussed during the Itinerary Planning Session/Trip Briefing.

5.         The 5 winners and their travel buddies will all converge on August 7, 2019 for an After-Party.


1.         Each winner will be assigned a Marshal:

  1. Whom they cannot go anywhere without at any point in the trip.
  • Who acts as chaperone, ensures that the winners and their travel companions abide by the rules, and monitors the progress of the team during the trip. They will also check that the winners and their travel companions followed the prescribed itinerary.
  • Who can help the team with travel tips but not offering extra money.
  • Whose expenses during the trip (e.g. transportation, food, accommodations, entrance fees to tourist spots, etc.) will not be covered by the team’s pocket money.

2.         Each team will be assigned an official cameraman:

  1. Whose videos are for official use only.
  • Who can also help the team with travel tips but not extra money.
  • Who also takes care of his/her own expenses during the trip.

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