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  • Bleak Clime

      Tired [tahyu rd] exhaustion, as by exertion; fatigued or sleepy. That’s how  the dictionary defines it. Chunking it down to emotion percentage, it’s 70% sadness, 15% disgust and 15% anger. The murky weather… Read More

  • Lundi Mémoire

      Vous rappelez-vous cela? Do you remember this? La vie Parisienne without the Cinderella carriage-ish structure in the middle of the space. I think it’s more lovely without it. Anyhow,… Read More

  • One Set

      Yesterday’s schedule was real tight – from work, headed straight to my brother’s pre-birthday party, then off to a dinner event at the Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu and capped the night… Read More

  • Breather

      These past three weeks I have been so busy and overloaded with tasks – juggling between business responsibilities and blogging duties. But don’t misconceived that statement as a grumble; am pretty much grateful… Read More

  • The Dapper Islander

      Growing up in the historic resort city is such a treat, specially for a beach fanatic like me. When I was 7 years old, we lived in Marigondon – a baranggay in Lapu-lapu… Read More

  • A Peek into the Past

    It’s great to be back online! Compromised, has been offline for months; and sadly wasn’t able to recover all of my posts. 🙁 Gladly, found some of my favorite shots on… Read More

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Hi, my name is Doyzkie Buenaviaje. I am a travel and life+style blogger. I am also the founder and current president of iLearners Inc., a nonprofit organization that aims to zero in rural illiteracy. This blog page is where I will be sharing most of my adventures. Welcome to my blog!Read More

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