Add this to your Pasalubong List when visiting Bohol

Peanut kisses, calamay and “kinampay” (local ube) are the most common pasalubong requests from family and friends when I visit Bohol. Just this weekend, I travelled to Bohol for Bluewater Panglao‘s Tree Lighting Ceremony and met three chefs from the capital – Lechon Diva Chef Dedet de la Fuente, FoodDudePH Chef Agelo Fuentes Comsti and The Hungry Chef Nathaniel Uy.

Miss Dedet put together a food trip one afternoon, which I had to miss because of deadlines. Boohoo! Teehee! Though the very trip was our topic over dinner that night, so it was like I didn’t even miss it. 😉 The conversation got me really interested in trying and bringing back to Cebu one local food on their list for pasalubong – the Calamay Bread. And how convenient it is to get the bread for pasalubong as there are branches of this bakery all over Bohol.

So before I headed to the port to catch my boat back to Cebu, I dropped by a bakery called ” The Deli Bread” to buy  Calamay Bread for pasalubong. It’s bread stuffed with calamay. It’s like Camiguin’s pastel but with calamay instead of the yema. It’s affordably sold for only P5.00 a bun., Doyzkie Buenaviaje, Cebu Travel Blogger, Philippine Travel Blogger, Best Cebu Travel Blogger, Best Style Blogger in Cebu, Cebu Fashion Blogger, Best Cebu Fashion Blogger, Cebu Best blogger

Have you tried this one already? Do you like it? Tell me what you think about Bohol’s Calamay Bread.

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