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  • Camiguin’s Grandest Celebration: Lanzones Festival

    Copra is the island’s main and biggest produce, but having the sweetest lanzones makes Camiguin a destination by itself. Celebrated every...

    Travel: Camiguin, PhilippinesDoyzkie BuenaviajeNovember 22, 2017
  • Autumn in Kyoto

    Like a love that’s dawning, autumn is a season that emanates a striking drama. As the weather turns cold, each leaf...

    Travel: JapanDoyzkie BuenaviajeNovember 6, 2017
  • Konnichiwa!

    I love Japan! It is in fact one of my personal favorite foreign travel destinations. I have been there twice, for...

    MenswearDoyzkie BuenaviajeOctober 7, 2017
  • On with the Blues + Thirsty? GC Giveaway!

    Well, it’s obvious. I love resort shirts! A tropical printed shirt and jeans combo is one of the easiest and most...

    MenswearDoyzkie BuenaviajeSeptember 23, 2017
  • Juicyfied Detox: 2 Kilos off my Weight in 3 Days

    This has been my third annual 3-day juice detox, and every time I do juice detox, it takes inches off my belly, cuts a few kilos off...

    Tips & TricksDoyzkie BuenaviajeSeptember 19, 2017
  • Four of This Season’s Must-have Kicks for Men

    Rounded up a list of the most stylish and high performance footwear for men this season. When purchasing a pair, the...

    MenswearDoyzkie BuenaviajeSeptember 8, 2017
  • On Resort Shirts

    I love layering shirts and jackets, but I live in tropical Cebu blessed with outdoor temperature ranging from 24 to 40...

    MenswearDoyzkie BuenaviajeSeptember 6, 2017