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24 Aug

Bank on Basics

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  Rainy season’s here! It has been real moody though, and it seems like we get an equal number of super sultry periods  and wet clammy days.  Typhoons been recurrent in Cebu for the past few months [...]

23 Aug

Bleak Clime

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  Tired [tahyu rd] exhaustion, as by exertion; fatigued or sleepy. That’s how  the dictionary defines it. Chunking it down to emotion percentage, it’s 70% sadness, 15% disgust and 15% anger. The [...]

19 Aug

Cebu Yearbook 2015: People

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  Featured on the People pages of The Cebu Yearbook 2015 are 9 innovators, entrepreneurs and creative individuals who made names for themselves working with their passionate pride to make Cebu even more [...]

18 Aug

Lundi Mémoire

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  Vous rappelez-vous cela? Do you remember this? La vie Parisienne without the Cinderella carriage-ish structure in the middle of the space. I think it’s more lovely without it. Anyhow, it’s Monday [...]

17 Aug

Step and Drop

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  My second time to do the canyoneering but haven’t had enough courage to conquer the 25-foot fall. “Just step and drop,” instructed our guide Raymund Sande. It sounds so simple but every time [...]

15 Aug

One Set

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  Yesterday’s schedule was real tight – from work, headed straight to my brother’s pre-birthday party, then off to a dinner event at the Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu and capped the night with a [...]

14 Aug

Zee’s Most Stylish Bloggers in Cebu

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  Zee Lifestyle Cebu introduces the next set of the city’s most stylish people with the August-September Fashion Issue. Amanda Booth and Izzara Ugarte grace the cover, and talk about taking on the world [...]

13 Aug


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  These past three weeks I have been so busy and overloaded with tasks – juggling between business responsibilities and blogging duties. But don’t misconceived that statement as a grumble; am pretty [...]

12 Aug

That Winter Charm

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  This year I was able to cross out “touch snow” off my bucket list. Hahaha. Okay, that might sound lame, but you can’t blame me for feeling so delighted, I live in a country where temperature [...]

11 Aug

The Dapper Islander

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  Growing up in the historic resort city is such a treat, specially for a beach fanatic like me. When I was 7 years old, we lived in Marigondon – a baranggay in Lapu-lapu City which boasts of white sand [...]

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